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The Story of Branch: A Revolution in Office Furniture

Branch, a company founded in 2018 by CEO Greg Hayes, is a game-changer in the office furniture industry. Hayes, dissatisfied with the existing options of either expensive and slow traditional manufacturers or cheap, fast, but poorly designed alternatives, envisioned a third option. He sought to create affordable, attractive workplaces without compromising on speed, flexibility, and price transparency.

A New Approach to Office Furniture

Branch’s business model is unique, focusing on speed (delivering in 5-15 business days instead of the typical 6-12 weeks), flexibility, and price transparency. This approach has attracted clients like Tumblr, Squarefoot, and Overtime, demonstrating the company’s ability to rapidly and flexibly reconfigure large office spaces.

Story of Branch

Surviving the Pandemic: A Shift in Strategy

The onset of the 2020 pandemic posed a significant challenge for Branch. After a promising first 1.5 years, profits plummeted to zero in March 2020, leading to layoffs and putting the company’s survival at risk. However, Hayes quickly pivoted the business model, targeting the growing number of workers who suddenly found themselves needing to work from home. This strategic shift not only benefited consumers who needed new workspaces urgently but also allowed Branch to thrive amidst the crisis.

Meeting the Evolving Needs of Workplaces

As workplaces continue to evolve, Branch supports companies looking to transition or reconfigure spaces quickly and affordably without sacrificing comfort or quality. Their product lines are particularly appealing to companies and individuals that value speed and flexibility over a wide selection, and who don’t feel shortchanged by choosing from a smaller number of modular items.

Ergonomics and Sustainability at the Forefront

Branch’s focus on ergonomically comfortable designs makes it easy for people to work and feel their best while setting up new work-from-home environments. Their website includes a full ergonomic assessment and a wealth of articles on increasing comfort and productivity while reducing potential work or stress injuries.

In addition to ergonomics, Branch is also committed to sustainability. Motivated by the sight of discarded office chairs around NYC, Hayes began to consider the environmental impact of office furniture. Branch reduces waste by offering a trade-in program, creating products meant to last and be repaired rather than thrown away, and using recycled and recyclable materials.

The Branch Ergonomic Chair: A Closer Look

The Branch Ergonomic Chair is a popular product, boasting several pros such as easy assembly, full adjustability, lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, and a smooth ride on hardwood floors. It also ships for free in 3-5 days and comes with a Branch warranty. However, some users have noted that the levers to lock/release the arms under the chair can wiggle loose, making the arms wobbly, and the seat can feel warm compared to other mesh seats.

The chair is available directly on Branch’s website for $329, with a black seat and black frame option available for $299. Regardless of your configuration, Branch offers free shipping and a seven-year warranty for its Ergonomic Chair.

Final Thoughts

Branch continues to make waves in the office furniture industry, with features in Techcrunch, Forbes, and Apartment Therapy. The company’s commitment to providing ergonomic, sustainable, and affordable office furniture solutions makes it a go-to choice for both individuals and companies. With its attractive design, customizable features, and socially responsible manufacturing process, the Branch Ergonomic Chair is a worthy contender for your home or workplace office.

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