Ergonomic Workplace Calculator


The Ergonomic Workplace Calculator is a tool designed to help you create a more comfortable and productive work environment. It calculates the optimal height for your desk, chair, and keyboard based on your height.


  • Standing Eye Height: Input your standing eye height to calculate the optimal screen distance and tilt.
  • Standing Elbow Height: Input your standing elbow height to calculate the optimal desk height.
  • Sitting Eye Height: Input your sitting eye height to calculate the optimal screen height.
  • Sitting Elbow Height: Input your sitting elbow height to calculate the optimal keyboard height.
  • Seat Height: Input your seat height to calculate the optimal chair height.


  1. Open the calculator.
  2. Enter your measurements in inches for standing eye height, standing elbow height, sitting eye height, sitting elbow height, and seat height.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.
  4. The calculator will display the optimal screen distance, screen tilt, desk height, screen height, keyboard height, and chair height.

Tips for Using the Calculator

  • Measure Accurately: Use a tape measure to get accurate measurements of your standing and sitting eye and elbow heights, and seat height.
  • Wear Your Usual Shoes: Wear the shoes you usually wear while working to get accurate measurements.
  • Get Help: Ask someone to help you take measurements to ensure they are accurate.
  • Adjust Your Furniture: Use the calculator results to adjust your desk, chair, keyboard, and screen to the optimal heights.
  • Recheck: After making adjustments, use the calculator again to ensure everything is set up correctly.