Logitech x Herman Miller Embody: A Comprehensive Review

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Imagine a chair that isn’t just a chair. It’s a statement, a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and furniture design prowess. This is the Logitech x Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair. Far from being just another seat in the realm of gaming furniture, it’s a luxurious embodiment of ergonomic innovation and superior craftsmanship. It’s about time you prepared to embrace unparalleled comfort fused with functionality tailored for the discerning gamer.

Logitech x Herman Miller Embody: A Comprehensive Review

Logitech x Herman Miller Embody
Logitech x Herman Miller Embody

When the technological ingenuity of Logitech intersects with Herman Miller’s mastery in ergonomic furniture, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The Logitech x Herman Miller Embody chair is a marvel of design and functionality. This comprehensive review dives into every nuance of the chair’s features, aesthetics, and the value it offers, providing you with all the insights necessary for an informed purchase decision.

Design and Aesthetics

The Embody chair breaks away from the ostentatious looks typical of gaming chairs, adopting a minimalist style. Its sleek, contemporary design radiates sophistication, available in an all-black variant that speaks volumes of understated luxury. The chair also features subtle Logitech blue accents, a nod to its heritage, creating a distinctive presence amidst a sea of gaming chairs.

Features and Adjustments

The Embody chair transcends mere aesthetics, boasting functionalities that prioritize your comfort during marathon gaming sessions. From its adjustable armrests to the tailored lumbar support, each aspect is meticulously engineered for gamers. The Embody is designed to provide comfortable, supportive seating that’s second to none.An innovative feature of the Embody chair is its active, forward-leaning alignment. This keeps you poised perfectly, whether you’re engaging in intense gameplay or taking a moment to relax. The chair’s breathable fabric and suspension backrest work in concert to dispel heat, ensuring cool comfort even in the most intense gaming scenarios.

Comfort and Ergonomics

As you settle into the Embody chair, your body is greeted with a memory foam layer that molds to your form, offering a bespoke comfort experience. This includes supportive seating, plush armrest padding, responsive casters, and state-of-the-art technology that sets it apart from other gaming chairs.The specially designed breathable fabric eliminates discomfort, keeping your back cool and dry. The Embody’s architecture is intentional about minimizing back and neck strain, ensuring ergonomic support throughout your gaming endeavors. Wondering how to adjust the Logitech x Herman Miller Embody chair? While adjustments are straightforward, detailed instructions are provided to optimize your seating experience.

Price and Value

The exceptional quality of the Embody commands a premium. Although priced between $1,595 – $1,795, many find the investment justifiable for unmatched comfort and style. Despite its costliness being a hurdle for some, the chair’s comfort and support during prolonged gaming sessions have been widely acclaimed.Solidifying its commitment to quality, the Embody includes a 12-year warranty – a clear indicator of its enduring nature. The warranty specifics are further elaborated upon to provide clarity.


The Embody Gaming Chair arrives fully assembled, eliminating the need for complex setup procedures. The packaging is designed for easy access, allowing you to literally wheel the chair out of the box. All that’s required is to remove some protective cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic sheathing, and the chair is ready to use. This ease of setup is not only a major selling point but also a testament to the care that went into the packaging process.


The Embody Gaming Chair is equipped with a range of adjustment features that allow you to fine-tune the chair to your exact preferences. Here are some of the key adjustment features:

  • Seat Height: The joystick inside the tilt tension knob on the right side of the chair allows you to adjust the seat height. To raise the seat, angle the joystick fully and lift your weight. To lower the seat, while seated, angle the joystick fully.
  • Tilt Tension: The knob below the right side of the seat adjusts the tilt tension. Turn the knob clockwise to increase tension and counterclockwise to decrease tension.
  • Tilt Limiter: The back horizontal tab on the left side behind the seat is the tilt limiter. To engage, recline and move the tab up to define the limit of recline. To release, lean forward and flip the tab fully downward.
  • Seat Depth: The front handles on the right and left sides of the seat adjust the seat depth. Lift your thigh weight from the front of the seat, gently lift up the front handles to disengage the locking seat depth adjustment, slide the seat forward or back into the proper depth for use, then release downward to lock the seat.
  • Arm Height: To adjust the arm height, press the button on the underside of each arm pad and pull up to raise or lower to the desired position. Release the button to lock.

These adjustment features are designed to provide a healthier, more comfortable gaming experience. They allow you to sit exactly how you want, ensuring that the chair adapts to your needs rather than the other way around.


The Logitech x Herman Miller Embody gaming chair stands as a testament to what happens when flawless design meets practicality. It goes beyond being just a chair; it epitomizes the seamless fusion of style and function. For any gamer, casual or pro, the Embody is poised to elevate your gaming experience to unparalleled levels.

What sets the Logitech x Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair apart from other gaming chairs on the market?

The Logitech x Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair distinguishes itself through its unparalleled ergonomic design, which is the result of a collaboration between Logitech’s tech innovation and Herman Miller’s furniture expertise. It features adjustable armrests, lumbar support tailored for gamers, and a unique forward-leaning alignment for optimal posture during gameplay. Additionally, it boasts a minimalist style with signature Logitech blue accents and is built with high-quality, breathable materials to ensure comfort over long gaming sessions.

Can I purchase the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair in Australia?

Yes, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair Australia version is available for purchase. Customers in Australia can find it on the official Herman Miller website dedicated to their region or through authorized furniture and gaming equipment retailers that stock the product.

Is there a difference between the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair and the regular Embody chair?

While the regular Embody chair by Herman Miller is designed with a focus on ergonomics suitable for office work, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody vs Embody gaming chair is tailored specifically for the needs of gamers. This includes enhancements like improved armrests for gaming, a more aggressive design for forward-leaning posture support, and the distinctive blue accents that are iconic to Logitech G products.

Are refurbished Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chairs available, and are they a good option?

Refurbished models of the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair Refurbished may be available through certain retailers or directly from Herman Miller’s official refurbishment program. These chairs undergo a rigorous inspection and restoration process to ensure they meet quality standards, offering a more affordable option without compromising on the premium experience the chair provides.

What warranty does the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair come with, and what does it cover?

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair comes with an impressive 12-year warranty, which is a testament to its build quality and durability. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, including the mechanisms, moving parts, and structural integrity of the chair. It ensures that customers can invest with confidence, knowing that their purchase is protected for years to come.