Finding the Perfect Chair: A Hands-On Review of the Nouhaus Rewind

Ergonomic Chair Reviews and Comparisons

By Union Chair

As someone who spends lengthy hours working at my desk, having an ergonomic office chair that provides comfort and support is a must. I’d heard good things about Nouhaus and their line of ergonomic chairs, so when given the chance to test out their popular Rewind model, I was eager to put it through its paces.

Unboxing and Setup

After a smooth ordering process directly through Nouhaus’ website, the Rewind arrived at my doorstep in two manageably sized boxes. Assembly was a breeze thanks to an included hex key and the detailed instructions guiding you to attach the castershydraulic basebackrestheadrest, and retractable footrest. I was sitting comfortably in my new chair less than 15 minutes after starting.

The full unboxed dimensions are 29” x 29.5” x 43”-51.2” (W x D x H) and it supports up to 275 pounds. Available color variants include black, light gray, blue, red, and brown PU leather. I chose the classic black model which looks sleek and professional.

Adjustability and Customization

What sets ergonomic chairs like the Nouhaus Rewind apart is the exceptional adjustability allowing you to customize the fit specifically for your body and preferences. This starts with the armrests which can be raised/lowered and adjusted inward/outward to achieve perfect positioning whether you want support while typing or need them out of the way.

The backrest reclines between 90 and 135 degrees operated by a smooth lever conveniently located on the right side. Tension can be controlled to adjust how easily the backrest moves. I’m able to fully recline during breaks without feeling like I’ll tip over.

One of my favorite aspects is the retractable footrest which provides relief for my legs after prolonged sitting. I use it regularly throughout long work blocks.

Nouhaus Rewind Office Chair
Nouhaus Rewind Office Chair

Ergonomic Comfort

In addition to the excellent adjustability, the Nouhaus Rewind provides notable ergonomic support in key areas.

The mesh backrest is breathable during long sitting sessions and has built-in adjustable lumbar support. Turning the dial allows you to position the lumbar pad exactly where your spine needs reinforcement.

For further customization, an adjustable headrest provides neck support which can be positioned based on your height. I do wish the headrest extended forward a bit more but it works well for my needs.

The seat cushion itself is on the firm side, even for my preference, but remains comfortable thanks to the breathable mesh covering and waterfall edge reducing pressure.

Performance and Durability Over Time

I’ve now been using the Nouhaus Rewind as my daily office chair for over 6 months. In that time it has maintained its smooth performance and shows only minor aesthetic wear on the PU leather/mesh surfaces.

The casters roll effortlessly on both hardwood floors and carpet allowing me to move around my workspace with ease. The hydraulic lift provides reliable height adjustment without any sticking.

Recline tension and overall stability also continue to perform well with no signs of loosening over time. I still feel fully secure and supported at full recline.

The chair remains sturdily intact with solid welds/joints on all metal components including the base, back, armrests and footrest. Though as a 200 pound user I can’t fully vouch for its integrity at the max 275 pound weight capacity long-term.

Comparison to Alternatives

I chose the Nouhaus Rewind based on its competitive price point around $500-600 from various online retailers while still including higher-end ergonomic features. This lands it in a middle tier between budget chairs under $300 and premium models reaching $1000+.

It compares well to similarly priced options like the Branch Ergonomic Chair ($495) providing better arm adjustability. However, it lacks more sophisticated lumbar support and wider color/fabric choices offered by premium brands like Steelcase or Herman Miller.

For the price, though, I feel the Nouhaus holds up regarding ergonomics, customization, and quality.

Final Verdict

Having used the Nouhaus Rewind Ergonomic Chair for over half a year as my daily office chair, I’m very pleased with its comfort, customizability, and quality construction.

The adjustable components like the retractable footrest, lumbar support, headrest, and armrests allow you to dial in proper ergonomic support for your body. Breathable mesh in combination with the ample recline keeps me cool and content even on marathon work days.

While the seat firmness isn’t for everyone and more premium chairs add sophisticated features, the Nouhaus Rewind provides fantastic value at around $500. If you’re seeking an affordable ergonomic chair with the must-have adjustments for all-day comfort, I highly recommend giving it a spin!