Razer Enki Pro Reviews

Understanding Ergonomics

By Union Chair

The Razer Enki Pro is the premium successor in Razer’s lineup of gaming chairs designed for all-day comfort. Building on the success of the original Razer Enki launched in 2021, the Enki Pro aims to take the gaming chair experience to luxurious new heights.

Released on May 27, 2022 with an MSRP of $999, this top-tier chair retains the ergonomic contours and adjustability of the Enki while elevating the quality of materials and adding new features for enhanced comfort. As Razer’s flagship gaming chair model, the Enki Pro makes use of premium materials like Alcantara leatherette and a magnetic memory foam head cushion to provide exceptional comfort for marathon gaming sessions.

Razer Enki Pro
Razer Enki Pro<strong>Razer Enki Pro</strong>

Key Features

  • Premium Alcantara Upholstery: Softer and more breathable than synthetic leather, with a suede-like feel and elegant aesthetics. Stain resistant and easy to clean. Made in Italy.
  • Dual-Density Cushioned Backrest: Firm lower back support paired with softer shoulder sections, encouraging healthy posture.
  • Magnetic Memory Foam Head Cushion: Provides seamless neck and head support that attaches magnetically when needed.
  • 152° Precision Recline: Near-flat recline for quick power naps between gaming rounds.
  • 4D Adjustable Armrests: Adjust height, depth, width, and pivot angle to perfectly support your elbows and shoulders.

Design and Comfort

Continuing Razer’s signature black and green color scheme, the Enki Pro gaming chair combines style and comfort. The hexagonal stitching and perforations in the Alcantara upholstery create an elegant technical aesthetic while allowing increased breathability.

The ample padding and ergonomic contours provide exceptional comfort and support. Reviewers praise the chair’s ability to promote healthy posture during intensive gaming marathons thanks to the dual-density backrest and precisely adjustable components. The combination of premium materials and carefully engineered ergonomics makes the Enki Pro one of the most comfortable gaming chairs according to experts.

Durability and Quality

As a premium gaming chair priced at $999, expectations for durability and quality are high. The Enki Pro meets these demands through its sturdy steel frame, high-density mold shaping foam, and thick padding. Reviewers found the materials and construction to be solid and resilient during testing.

The Alcantara upholstery is also known for its long-lasting durability compared to standard synthetic leather. Its stain resistance further improves longevity by keeping the chair looking fresh after years of use. Overall, the Enki Pro is built to last thanks to premium materials and sturdy metal components.


At its lofty $999 price point, the Razer Enki Pro is certainly not the most affordable gaming chair. And while the premium materials and features justify the cost, it does limit the chair’s accessibility to buyers on a tight budget.

The chair also lacks some of the newest immersive gaming features found in Razer’s latest concept models, like haptic feedback and RGB lighting. So hardcore gamers seeking the absolute cutting edge may be left wanting more.

Finally, some users mentioned the Alcantara material retains heat more than standard leatherette. However, the chair’s breathable design helps mitigate this issue.


The Razer Enki Pro represents the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in gaming chairs. It retains the adjustability and ergonomic design that made the original Enki a hit while elevating the experience with high-end materials like perforated Alcantara leatherette and a magnetically attaching memory foam head cushion.

Reviewers praise both its exceptional comfort during intensive gaming sessions as well as its sturdy construction that promises years of durable use. If you’re willing to invest $999 into the ultimate gaming throne, the Razer Enki Pro belongs at the top of your list. Just be ready to pay a premium for the cutting edge of comfort and quality.