X-Chair Review & Comparison – Your new favorite office chair?

Ergonomic Chair Reviews and Comparisons

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By Union Chair

The office chair market is bustling with options, but few match the sophistication and customizability of the X-Chair. With its sleek, modern aesthetic and exceptional adjustability features, this chair series is redefining workspace comfort.

Is the X-Chair worth it?

With starting prices around $900, the X-Chair is recognized as a premium chair. However, its unmatched adjustability makes it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize ergonomics and personalization. Reviews have noted some minor concerns regarding seat comfort and armrest padding but overall highlight the X-Chair’s strengths in catering to diverse preferences.

X1 – The Basic Task Chair

X1 基本任务椅
X1 The Basic Task Chair

Despite being the entry-level model, the X1 chair doesn’t skimp on features. Its combination of breathable mesh and cushioned foam provides comfort for short work sessions while the signature Dynamic Variable Support (DVR) adjusts to movements, maintaining excellent lower back support. With seat height adjustability and an optional headrest, the X1 balances functionality and affordability.

Ideal Usage: Brief periods (1-2 hours) in settings like small meeting rooms.

X2: More Options for Comfort

The X2 Office Chair emerges in discussions as a pivotal addition to the X-Chair lineup. This chair offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and comfort. The X2 stands out for its unique features like stretchier mesh seating, an adjustable headrest, and rotatable armrests, catering to the discerning needs of today’s professionals.

X2 更多舒适选择
X2 More Options for Comfort

With stretchier mesh, adjustable headrest, rotatable armrests, and optional upgrades like a 360° armrest and cooling/heating massage functions, the X2 caters to professionals working longer hours. Reviewers praise its conformity to the body, reducible arm width, and the rotating armrests’ versatility. The X2 brings luxury and customizability at an affordable price point compared to the premium market.

Ideal Usage: Everyday office chair for extended periods. Excellent for warm climates.

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X3: Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric

X3 高级拉伸恢复面料
X3 Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric

The X3 introduces Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) fabric that adapts to body contours for unmatched comfort. Its technical fabric offers the personalized fit of much pricier alternatives. With optional memory foam, seat width, and color customization, the X3 strikes an optimal balance of affordability, style, and comfort for most office needs.

Ideal Usage: Appealing option for diverse professionals seeking comfort, style, and value.

X4 – The Management Chair

X4 管理椅
X4 The Management Chair

Genuine or synthetic leather, wider customizable seats, and adjustable recline resistance give the X4 an unmatched executive luxury appeal. This seat screams sophistication with the tactile feel of fine leather, ergonomic sway controls, and subtle design touches that symbolize quality craftsmanship. As X-Chair’s flagship model, the X4 redefines the modern executive workspace.

Ideal Usage: Ultimate comfort for executives and leaders seeking a world-class sitting experience.

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ModelMesh/fabricAdjustable headrestRotatable armrestoptional featuresvery suitable
X1Mesh backrest, foam seatElectiveNoHard disk video recorder supportBrief purpose, conference room
X2More resilient mesh seatadjustablerotatable360 degree armrest, X-wheel, HMT systemLong working hours and warm climate
X3Advanced Stretch Recovery (ATR) fabricNoNoMemory foam, wider seats, different colorsProfessionals at reasonable prices
X4Leather or synthetic leatherNoNoWider seat with adjustable swayExecutive, ultimate comfort


  • DVR: Dynamic Variable Resistance
  • ATR: Advanced Tensile Recovery

In conclusion, the X-Chair series brings unprecedented customization, style, and comfort to the workspace. It caters to diverse needs through considered design touches backed by innovative technology. For those seeking a modern, ergonomic chair that feels like an extension of the body, the X-Chair is undoubtedly a new favorite that redefines the workspace experience.

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