Top 5 High Back Ergonomic Office Chairs: Enhancing Comfort and Productivity in Your Workspace

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By Union Chair

In the contemporary workspace, where comfort and productivity are BFFs, picking the right throne — I mean, office chair — is super crucial. High-back ergonomic office chairs aren’t just a feast for the eyes; they’re like your back’s best buddy, keeping you cozy and your posture on point. So, let’s dive into five of these bad boys that’ll make your workspace the envy of the office in 2024.

Why High Back Chairs are the Cat’s Pajamas

Ergonomics isn’t just a fancy word; it’s about making sure your work stuff doesn’t make you go “ouch.” High-back ergonomic chairs are the superheroes here, giving your back, neck, and shoulders the royal treatment. They’re like a bear hug for your spine, keeping those aches and pains at bay.

The Fabulous Five: Top High Back Ergonomic Office Chairs

Best for Lumbar Support – HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office Chair

The HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office Chair is like the Swiss Army knife of office chairs. It’s a perfect blend of form, function, and comfort. Its sleek design and robust construction make it the go-to choice for any discerning professional who wants both style and substance. The chair’s backrest is like a supportive friend during those long work sessions, ensuring your posture remains as pristine as a freshly ironed shirt.

HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office Chair

The mesh back with synchro-tilt recline is like a personal yoga instructor, adjusting as you lean back and maintaining a correct posture that keeps your eyes level with your monitor even in full recline. This feature makes it the best ergonomic high back office chair for those marathon sessions at the desk.

But wait, there’s more! The HON Ignition 2.0 takes user-friendliness to the next level with its weight-sensitive recline function—say goodbye to constant adjustments. Just lean into your desired position and trust the chair to support you firmly, making it a top-rated high back office chair by both users and experts alike.

Its modern aesthetics are not just for show; equipped with smooth-rolling swivel wheels, this chair promises effortless maneuverability, making it a versatile addition to any high-design workspace.

Potential Downsides

However, excellence often comes at a price. The HON Ignition 2.0, being one of the best high back ergonomic office chairs available, may strain tighter budgets. Additionally, it requires assembly upon delivery—a minor inconvenience for the quality and comfort promised.


  • Unmatched lumbar support for prolonged work sessions.
  • Maintains eye level across all reclining positions.
  • Swivel wheels for superior mobility.


  • Premium pricing may not suit all budgets.
  • Assembly required upon delivery.

Best for Versatility – NEO CHAIR Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Gaming

The NEO CHAIR Office Chair is like a chameleon, designed to excel in both the professional sphere and the gaming arena. It mirrors the versatility of the Ergohuman Mesh with Headrest but stands out with its plush high back cushion that provides robust lumbar support. Wrapped in premium black leather, it introduces an element of opulence to your workspace.

NEO CHAIR Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Gaming

The chair’s unique design does more than catch the eye; it supports the natural curvature of your spine. Adjustable settings ensure a tailor-made seating experience, while its swivel rolling wheels grant you the freedom to glide across your office space with ease. This chair marks its place as a top choice for those seeking a high back leather office chair without the steep price tag, offering a suite of adjustments usually found in more expensive models.

Potential Downsides

Luxury, however, can have its trade-offs. The leather upholstery, while sumptuous, may not offer the breathability of mesh options, potentially leading to discomfort over extended periods of use. Moreover, those who favor a softer seating experience might find this chair’s firm support a tad stringent for their taste.


  • Multi-use design ideal for both work and play.
  • Superior lumbar cushioning for lasting comfort.
  • Luxurious black leather upholstery.


  • Leather may retain heat, affecting comfort over time.
  • The seat firmness might not appeal to everyone.

Best for Elegance – DEVAISE Computer Office Chair

For those with an eye for sophistication, the DEVAISE Computer Office Chair is like a piece of art. It rivals the plush comfort of the Global Arturo but distinguishes itself with executive suede fabric that can transform any office setting. With its adjustable flip-up armrests and a generously padded headrest, this chair offers a seating experience that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

DEVAISE Computer Office Chair

The chair’s design prioritizes ergonomic support without compromising on aesthetics. Its suede fabric not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a tactile experience that adds to the overall sense of luxury. Whether it’s about making a statement or enjoying elevated comfort levels, the DEVAISE chair delivers on all fronts.

Potential Downsides

Suede is a delicate material that demands careful maintenance to preserve its elegant appearance. Additionally, some users may find the armrests positioned higher than preferred, which could impact comfort during long work sessions.


  • Flip-up armrests for versatile comfort.
  • Suede fabric for an upscale look.
  • Ergonomic design that doesn’t sacrifice style.


  • Suede requires careful maintenance.
  • Armrests may be too high for some users.

Best for Style – ZUNMOS Home Office Executive High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair

The ZUNMOS Home Office Executive High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair is where functionality meets fashion. Echoing the Via Oslo’s commanding presence, this chair steps up with its faux leather finish and rolling swivel functionality. It’s tailored for those who desire a chair that stands out in the office without skimping on ergonomic benefits.

ZUNMOS Home Office Executive High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair

This chair is not just about making an impression; it’s also about supporting your posture throughout the day. The adjustable lumbar support ensures your back’s natural alignment is maintained, while the faux leather offers a sleek and modern touch to your personal or professional space.

Potential Downsides

Faux leather, while chic, may not endure as well as genuine leather over time. Also, its substantial size might pose a challenge for smaller office areas, making it less suitable for those with limited space.


  • Aesthetic design for modern office spaces.
  • Customizable lumbar support for all-day comfort.
  • Swivel design enhances mobility.


  • Faux leather may lack long-term durability.
  • Size may be too imposing for compact spaces.

Best for Ergonomics – Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

The Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair is the epitome of ergonomic innovation. It takes cues from the Global Obusforme’s design but sets itself apart with adjustable features like a headrest and armrests, coupled with a reclining function that caters to your comfort needs throughout the workday.

Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is designed to be a bastion of support; it provides targeted lumbar backing and a headrest that adapts to your body, ensuring your posture remains optimal. The recline feature invites moments of relaxation between tasks, while the rolling swivel design adds practicality, making this chair a top contender for those in search of an ergonomic high back office chair that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Potential Downsides

While the mesh back promotes breathability, some users may miss the plushness of cushioned seats. The armrest height could also be a point of contention for individuals seeking arm support that aligns perfectly with their desk setup.


  • Advanced ergonomics with adjustable features.
  • Reclining function for tailored comfort.
  • Breathable mesh design for prolonged use.


  • Mesh may not provide the cushioned comfort some prefer.
  • Armrest height might not suit everyone’s needs.

What’s the Deal with High Back Chairs?

In the world of office furniture, the term “high back chair” is as elusive as a chameleon. Sometimes, it refers to a chair tall enough to support your head. Other times, it simply means the chair has a taller back than another version of the same model.

There are two main types of high back chairs. The first type is like the younger sibling, maxing out around 24” from the seat, designed to support your mid and upper back, but not your head or neck. Some models in this category offer a headrest option, extending their height to as much as 32”.

The second type of high-back chair is like the older sibling, featuring a backrest that ranges between 28″ and 32″. These chairs are designed to support your entire back, including your neck and head.

How Did We Pick Our Best High Back Chairs?

To make this list, the first requirement was that the chair’s backrest had to be at least 30” tall, measured from the seat. This height ensures that all the chairs on this list will be tall enough to support your back and head.

Two factors influenced the final selection process for this list. The first was our experience selling high back chairs. With over a decade of experience, we have a wealth of information on which chairs customers prefer and find successful.

The second factor was our personal experience using high back chairs. Having sat in so many chairs over the years has given us a wealth of knowledge. We know what to look for and which chairs are designed to perform better than others.

4 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a High Back Chair

  1. Back height: The first thing to consider is how high you want the backrest to be. As we’ve discussed, not all high back chairs are the same. If you’re looking for a high back option to support your entire back, along with your neck and head, then this list will be helpful for you because each of these chairs meets that criteria.
  2. How you are using the chair: The high back chair that you choose will depend on what you plan on doing with it. If you’re looking for a conference chair, then you need to consider things like overall chair width so that you know how many chairs can fit around your table. If you’re looking for an ergonomic high back chair, then you’ll need to make sure it has all of the adjustments you require.
  3. Neck and head support: High back chairs are designed with different kinds of headrests. Some have soft pillow-like pads for your head to rest on, while others have a specific headrest that goes in the curve of your neck. Some high back chairs don’t have a specific headrest at all.
  4. Upholstery choices: There are four main types of upholstery: fabric, leather, mesh, and fake leather. Each has its own pros and cons, and the choice will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Maximizing Workspace Ergonomics: Beyond the Chair

Maximizing workspace ergonomics involves more than just selecting the right chair. It requires a holistic approach that considers various aspects of workspace design to boost comfort and productivity. Here are some key elements to consider:

Desk Height and Setup

The standard desk height for a computer workstation is typically around 28 inches. However, this height isn’t suitable for everyone. The ideal desk height should allow your elbows and underarms to lie straight on the desk, forming a right angle. For instance, if you’re 5’7″, the ideal sitting desk height would be around 25 inches, and the standing desk height would be around 41 inches.

Height-adjustable standing desks are a great solution as they allow users to switch between sitting and standing positions, catering to different height requirements.

Lighting and Glare

Proper lighting is crucial in an ergonomic workspace. It can reduce eye fatigue and headaches, and prevent workplace incidents by increasing visibility.

Ergonomic lighting tips include using indirect lighting sources and task lights, using low-glare bulbs or covering bright bulbs with filters, and adjusting light levels to avoid glare[2]. It’s also important to reduce light from windows with window coverings or room partitions, and to avoid sitting so that overhead lights are within your visual field.

Regular Breaks and Movement

Regular breaks can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Activities during breaks should ideally use a different part of the brain than was being used for work, allowing the brain to rest and reset, resulting in improved mental focus upon return.

Microbreaks, which are short, frequent breaks taken during the workday, are particularly beneficial. They encourage employees to move more, combat the sedentary nature of many jobs, and promote physical activity.

Monitor Placement

The computer screen should be placed directly in front of you, and you should be aware of the angle at which you’re viewing it. Looking straight ahead, you should be looking at the top third part of the screen. Your monitor should be tilted a bit, like 10-20°.

Keyboard and Mouse Positioning

The position of your keyboard and mouse is also crucial for maintaining a comfortable posture. Your elbows and underarms should lie straight on the desk and armrests, aiming for an angle of 90-110° at the elbow.

By considering these aspects of workspace ergonomics, you can create an environment that’s not just about sitting well, but also about working smart.

Before You Buy…

Think about how tall you want the back, what you’re using the chair for (like if it needs to fit at your fancy conference table), if you need special neck and head support, and what kind of upholstery makes you happy. Choices, choices!


Finding the perfect high back ergonomic chair can be as satisfying as hitting every green light on your way to work. The top 5 options we’ve dished out here are a good start, but hey, everyone’s different. You do you, and find that chair that makes your back sing.

Remember, folks, comfort isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” It’s as essential as your morning coffee. Pick a great high back ergonomic chair and watch your work game level up!

Is a Standing Desk a Good Addition to an Ergonomic Office Setup?

Absolutely! A standing desk can be a game-changer, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing. This switch-up can reduce the strain of prolonged sitting, keeping your energy levels up and your body more active.

How Important is Monitor Placement in an Ergonomic Workspace?

Super important! Your monitor should be at eye level and about an arm’s length away. This helps reduce neck strain and eye fatigue, making those long hours at the desk a lot more bearable.

Can Regular Breaks Enhance Ergonomic Benefits?

Definitely! Taking regular short breaks throughout your workday isn’t just good for your mind; it’s great for your body too. Stretching, walking, or just stepping away from the desk helps prevent stiffness and keeps you refreshed.

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