The Top 5 Office Chairs Under $800: A Comprehensive Review

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By Union Chair

Finding the perfect office chair is no easy feat, especially when working with a limited budget. But in our tireless quest for workplace comfort and productivity, we’ve managed to unearth a selection of ergonomic gems priced under $800.

From the ultra-adjustable Eurotech Vera to Herman Miller’s aesthetically pleasing Lino Chair, this roundup offers something for every posterior. We’ll guide you through the key features, customization options, and potential drawbacks of each chair.

So park your keister here for a few minutes while we help you discover affordable seating bliss!

An Overview of the Contenders

Here’s a quick preview of the chairs that made the cut in our 2024 update:

  • Eurotech Vera – $559.99
  • BTOD Akir Chair – $579.99
  • Herman Miller Lino Chair – $745
  • Steelcase Series 2 – $754
  • Haworth Very Chair – $794

Without further ado, let’s get this tush test underway!

Eurotech Vera: Comfort and Support at $559.99

Eurotech Vera

The Eurotech Vera ticks all the boxes if you’re seeking style, comfort, and extensive adjustability on a budget. Its mesh back offers exceptional breathability while providing customizable lumbar support. And the seat’s contouring foam conforms nicely to your backside.

Some standout ergonomic features include:

  • Seat depth adjustment from 16.5″ to 18.5″
  • 6-way adjustable arms to suit various postures
  • Height adjustment range of about 5 inches

Despite the generous adjustments, Eurotech only provides a limited lifetime warranty along with 5 years of coverage for upholstery and foam wear. But the comfort and features seem decent for the sub $600 price point.

“My Eurotech Vera allows me to sit cross-legged on video calls when I’m feeling whimsical. Now that’s what I call workplace freedom!”


  • Mesh back offers exceptional breathability and lumbar support
  • Foam seat molds comfortably to your backside
  • Highly customizable with seat depth, height and arm adjustments


  • Limited lifetime warranty is relatively short for an “investment” chair
  • Only 5 years of coverage for upholstery and foam wear

For the price, the Eurotech Vera strikes an admirable balance between ergonomics, comfort, and style. Just don’t expect lifelong reliability.

BTOD Akir Chair: Unparalleled Comfort at $579.99

The BTOD Akir may offer the plushest seating experience on our list, according to satisfied customers. It combines the comfort of a recliner with serious ergonomic credibility for the sub $600 price point.

BTOD Akir Chair

That plush feel comes from the chair’s contoured padded seat and backrest, which provide cloud-like comfort. And the adjustable lumbar support and optional memory foam headrest allow you to fine-tune the experience.

We also appreciate the ample warranty coverage:

  • 10 years on foam and fabric
  • 5 years on parts like pneumatic cylinders and casters
  • 2 years on labor

Considering most chair warranties barely last 5 years, the Akir seems like a reliable long-term investment.

“After a long coding session, I like to crank the Akir all the way back and catch some Zzzs. It feels like sleeping on a marshmallow!”


  • Plush, contoured padding offers unrivaled comfort
  • Adjustable lumbar support and optional headrest
  • Strong 10-year warranty coverage on foam and fabric


  • Bulky design takes up considerable real estate
  • Plush padding isn’t ideal for workouts or active sitting

If you desire a pillow-soft throne and don’t mind the hefty footprint, the Akir should exceed your cushiony expectations.

Herman Miller Lino: A Blend of Comfort, Value, and Aesthetics at $745

The Herman Miller Lino chair leverages decades of research to deliver ergonomic excellence across all seating dimensions.

Created by renowned industrial designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, the chair is highly customizable both functionally and aesthetically.

Herman Miller Lino Chair
Herman Miller Lino Chair

On the ergonomic front, the Lino Chair features Herman Miller’s acclaimed Duo Suspension System which provides responsive support by adapting to micro-movements. The integrated PostureFit SL back support helps maintain optimal spinal alignment.

And with the 4D adjustable arms, customizable recline modes, and extensive upholstery options, you can dial in the perfect fit.

The 12-year warranty provides peace of mind that the Lino will provide lasting performance. But all those high-end components come at a price – making the Lino the most expensive chair in our roundup.

“I embellished my Lino Chair with the special edition pink upholstery and aluminum base. Now I can lounge in style while crushing my sales targets!”


  • Highly adjustable ergonomic features like Duo Suspension and PostureFit SL back
  • 4D adjustable arms and 3 recline modes
  • Striking aesthetics with extensive customization options
  • 12-year warranty demonstrates confidence in quality


  • Most expensive chair in our $800 and under lineup
  • Firm seat may not suit all preferences

With its dialed-in ergonomics, striking aesthetics and 12-year warranty, the Herman Miller Lino justifies its higher price tag for those seeking long-term value.

Steelcase Series 2: Firm and Functional at $754

The Steelcase Series 2 chair may not pamper your posterior like the BTOD Akir. But it still delivers outstanding comfort and support thanks to its responsive back technology.

Steelcase Series 2 scaled

The chair’s flexible backrest and adjustable lumbar provide dynamic support that adapts to your spine’s natural shape. While the seat cushion strikes a nice balance between softness and firmness for comfort.

You also get a generous range of adjustments including:

  • 4D armrests (height, width, depth and pivot adjustability)
  • 5-position recline lock for custom tilt tension
  • Adjustable seat depth from 15.75 inches to 18.75 inches

The Series 2 comes with a strong 12-year warranty, affirming Steelcase’s confidence in the chair’s durability.

Consider pairing it with the Series 1 as a budget-friendly guest chair option.

“My Steelcase Series 2 keeps me aligned like a chiropractor. I barely have to move a muscle to stay comfy!”


  • Responsive back technology provides ergonomic support
  • Cushioning strikes a nice balance between soft and firm
  • Highly adjustable arms, recline, and seat depth
  • Solid 12-year warranty demonstrates durability


  • Mesh back can feel slightly rigid
  • On the pricier side for a no-frills ergonomic chair

The Series 2 chair won’t pamper you, but it will provide outstanding posture support during long work days.

Haworth Very Chair: Exceptional Quality at $794

The Haworth Very chair doesn’t cut corners when it comes to materials, quality, and ergonomic adjustability.

Haworth Very Chair

It features high-end components like German-made elastomer trim along the seat edge and back frame to prevent snagging. The knit back material and high-resiliency foam also feel ultra-premium.

You can tailor the Very to achieve full-body comfort with:

  • Adjustable lumbar support across 5 inches of range
  • 4D adjustable arms
  • 3 recline modes – upright, mid-stop and full recline

And it’s all backed by a 12-year warranty covering everything from the foam and casters to the pneumatic lift – affirming Haworth’s confidence.

Consider splurging on the optional adjustable headrest for the ultimate in luxury.

“Whenever I recline in my Haworth Very chair, I feel like a supervillain stroking a cat.”


  • Premium quality materials like German elastomer trim
  • Knit back and high-resiliency foam enhance comfort
  • Fully adjustable lumbar, arms, recline and more
  • Comprehensive 12-year warranty


  • Premium quality commands a premium price tag
  • Headrest only available as a pricey add-on

With its indulgent materials, customization options, and exceptional warranty, the Very chair spares no expense to provide executive-level comfort.

Find Your Fit Among the Top Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $800

While everyone’s derrière has unique needs, this diverse list of exceptional chairs aims to accommodate the masses.

The Eurotech Vera brings breathable comfort on a budget, while the BTOD Akir envelops you in pillowy-soft padding.

Those seeking high-end quality can splurge on the Herman Miller Lino or Haworth Very chairs. And the Steelcase Series 2 provides exceptional posture support for long work days.

Finding your work-from-home soulmate may take some trial and error. But we hope this guide steers your keister toward ergonomic bliss!

Just don’t forget to stand up and shake what your mama gave you every 20 minutes. Your glutes will thank you!

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